23 Innovative Adult Toys That Won't Send You To The ER

 - Mar 17, 2009
In what could easily be turned into a segment on a "World’s Stupidest People" type of television show, a Maryland couple decided to create the ultimate vibrating pleasure by combining a regular "sex toy with a saber saw blade and a high-powered homemade device," according to MSNBC. The sex toy-power tool combo landed the female half of this adventuresome duo in the emergency room. Details surrounding the location of the injuries were not given, but I think we can fathom a guess as to where and the amount of pain this unfortunate invention must have caused. Ouch, I’m crossing my legs just thinking about it!

Although we’re all for naughty innovations here at Trend Hunter, we certainly do not want you to encounter the same fate. Below you’ll find a variety of deliciously naughty sex toys that will allow you alone, as well as you and your significant other, to spice up your sex life without landing in the hospital.