Honey Doll Moans When Pleasured

 - Aug 29, 2007
References: honeydolls.jp
Just because you're alone and living in mom's basement, doesn't mean you aren't a sensitive guy. You want to give pleasure to your partner -- even if she's a sex doll.

New love dolls have built-in sensors that cause her to moan as if she were in the throws of orgasm. The silicon Honey Dolls are equipped with touch sensors which when (im)properly touched will activate the built-in MP3 player and make the dolls moan with different sounds. The moans, as provided by the manufacturer or ones you program yourself, are heard via a speaker located in the head of the doll.

What's next? Sex dolls so life-like they complain about you and withhold sex?

The movable range of the dolls is considered the same as those of an ordinary person and the doll (though not the head with its electronics) can be bathed.