Taboo Tabou Sells Clothes, Cigars, and Adult Toys

 - Dec 30, 2008
References: yelp & chicago.metromix
Taboo Tabou was voted by Fox television as "The No. 1 Fetish Shop" in Chicagoland which simply proves that I’ve been underestimating the cultural acumen of Fox viewers.

Taboo Tabou is one of a chain of three stores that sell cigars, clothes and sex toys. It’s not a "dirty" store, the clerks will quickly point out. Most of the online chatter rating the shop agrees. Its generally described as a really fun clothing store that’s a bit overpriced. The sex toys aspect is almost an afterthought, more for fun than function, though the personal vibrator section gets rave reviews. It also stocks sensual toiletries and lots of batteries.

Owner Mark Thomas began his business in 1971. The Vietnam War was still raging. Jim Morrison was dead, and the Sexual Revolution was on its way. Thomas, at 17 years of age, cashed-in his $1725 college fund and the rest is history.

In addition to the brick and mortar store, popular with the college-crowd, you can shop online. Batteries, oils, lubes, & lotions, boy toys, sensual gifts, latex and supplements are available on the website.