Big Tease Tuyo Vibramasseur

 - Oct 5, 2007   Updated: May 9 2011
References: coolhunting
The Tuyo Vibromasseur vibrator from Big Tease Toys is so sleek and stylish, the sex toy could be mistaken as a piece of art! I'm sure a lot of women would be quite content to "accidentally" leave this one out when company comes over. It has eight different vibration modes, three speeds and five pulsating patterns to choose from. The vibrator also comes in white and pink versions!

Implications - The Tuyo Vibromasseur has a "non-slip grip" and is made out of silicone. It is housed in a stainless steel case that is completely hygienic and even splash-proof. Since the vibrator can easily be regarded as some sort of art piece, you wouldn't have to worry about keeping it hidden!