Latowski Genital Organ Chamber

 - Sep 14, 2007
Ladies, do you worry when your husband is away at work? Well fear no more! Now you can send him off with a male chastity belt. Concerned he won't stay faithful when he hits up Vegas with the guys? If you're back home holding the only key, you've pretty much eliminated all possibilities of temptation. Don't worry gents, you can still go to the bathroom thanks to Latowski's strategically placed holes. They're custom fit too so your member will be as snug as a rug: even if you do happen to get aroused while away from the wife.

You can ensure your husband's loyalty for about $1,700. And men, it's really not as bad as it sounds. "When you slide-in, you feel as though you are imprisoned in a female sheath," Latowski says of their product which comes in three sizes. "The small size has the smallest tube diameter. If you want to feel the counter-pressure with an erection, that would be the correct choice. For the testicles there is a separate split chamber, which provides sufficient protection from getting squeezed and cooling down."