From Chastity Vow Pants to Private Parts Prisons

 - Jun 15, 2011
I wouldn't be surprised to see the wardrobe of many of today's squeaky-clean young stars filled with at least a few of today's hottest abstinence-advocating fashions. Abstinence has become a bigger deal as music and movie stars get younger and younger. Thus, abstinence fashion is also growing, as evident here.

There is nearly enough abstinence-advocating fashions here to dress yourself from head-to-toe in purity and chastity. While I don't advocate abstinence one way or the other, it is nice to see labels and jewelers designing clothes and accessories for people who choose to lead a chaste life. If you're interested in locking it up until marriage but don't know what to wear until then, then you've definitely got to check all of these abstinence-advocating fashions out.