From Raver to Grunge Looks, These Retro Fashion Styles Make a Comeback

 - Nov 14, 2012
While it may have been over a decade ago, 90s fashion styles continue to influence the way people dress. Drawing influence from varying music scenes and style icons of the time, these fashion and styling throwbacks combine the retro with the revolutionary.

Neon colors and prints mixed with hightop kicks make for just one style combination that still reigns supreme among those who idolize the decade or long to return. The music of the 90s is one of the top areas of influence still seen today, as fashion fads are often credited with dictating how niche groups are portrayed and perceived.

Make-up styles follow suit with the 90s-esque theme with nude shades, bold pops of color and exaggerated eye shadow. The hairstyles offer some truly classic choices including long and straight or crimped and frizzy for the girls and long and messy or short and shaggy for the guys.