47 Precocious Teens & Insanely Creative Children

 - Mar 6, 2009
Compared to previous centuries, today’s children and teenagers have a voice through the information era. Knowledge is only one click away. Well-managed, this breadth of knowledge creates petite and unpredictable geniuses in various fields--arts, technology, fashion, design, music, comedy, and even romance!

Youngsters are among the strongest market segments, and companies make all the efforts to conquer them. Their growing power as consumers and their influence in family shopping has marketers using sophisticated and creative means to seduce this particular and demanding audience.

For example, luxury and celebrity brands have created fashion lines dedicated to the little ones. Proud parents can echo their lifestyle with their infants. Here are 50 trends that reflect some ups and (probably more) downs on precocious preteens and wunderkind children.