Study Links Sleep Deprivation to Childhood Obesity

 - Feb 5, 2009
References: sciencedaily & dailymail
A Bristol University study showed that sleep deprivation has been linked to childhood obesity. It appears that children and teens have frequently been living with rockstar schedules, and it's adversely affecting their health.

Taking a nap at 1:00 AM on the 4 train under a Belvedere vodka advertisement is about as rockstar as you can get--especially if you’re a 4 year old. Once nudged to consciousness--pulled prematurely out of their dreams of skinny dipping in sandboxes and licking rum raisin ice cream cones--it’s half-expected these youngsters will blink awake and stammer, "Hey dude, I just passed out from all that milk I drank," while weaving off the train behind Mom. 

For all those actual partygoers (ages 18 and up, of course), make sure to curb your belligerence on the ride home--there are sure to be babies on board. And girls, next time Mom yells about the dangers of riding the subway alone late at night, just tell her that all the other kids are doing it.