How Children Earn Money at

 - Dec 16, 2008
References: bizkidz, a site created by mom Linda Raasch, offers children an opportunity to make money through their own online retail store. 

Children of any age can get an account with BizKidz. Once the account is created, the new child entrepreneur designs their store. Once the store is created, kids add any brand-name items they desire to sell. There are over 2,000 BizKidz merchants, so choices are a plenty!  

As far as safety goes, no one can buy from a child’s BizKidz store unless they are personally invited. The idea is for children to market their store, via their own link, to friends and family members. When friends and family buy from a child’s BizKidz retail store, the child makes a commission. How cool is that?

BizKidz not only encourages entrepreneurship in children, but it’s a great way for kids to receive a hands-on financial education. And, as we all know, such an education is sorely lacking in public schools.