From Puppetized Pro-Athletes to Oddball Olympians

 - Jan 7, 2010   Updated: Jul 25 2011
If you love running, jumping, swimming, throwing, catching, more running, a side of pole vaulting and maybe some hurdling thrown in for good measure, then you will have a hell of a time looking through these 53 athletic innovations.

If you’re bored and would like to feel athletic, but don’t have the time or energy required just check out these 53 athletic innovations and feel the thrill of the game!

Implications - Athleticism is something that has been held in high regard since the roman empire introduced the concept of gladiators. Those that are athletically inclined represent a physical prestige that is unmatched by even the smartest, most strategic person. Essentially, society will be obsessed with survival and strength as long as its participants are human.