‘LeBomb James' is Shot of Choice for Hardcore Cavalier

 - May 29, 2009
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LeBron James knows he’s made it big in life not by his numerous multi-million dollar contracts, but because he has an alcoholic shot named after him. 

Cleveland Cavalier fans have been buzzing about the "LeBomb James" shot that ends in a toss up of sugar to honor the star’s famous pre-game ritual. Glamorized by Nike last year, the tradition has stayed with fans, who created the concoction as follows:

1-2 shots Crown Royal (since LeBron is King)
1/2 can of pineapple juice (Cavs’ gold)
Sprite (LeBron’s sponsor)
Splash of grenadine (Cavs’ wine)
Handful of Sugar for Tossing Into Air

A few hilarious YouTube videos have sprung up of guys taking the shots with their buddies in honor of the King.