100 Decadent Desserts
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100 Decadent Desserts Photos

Want a beach body like Jessica Biel? Here are 100 sweet treats you should steer clear from. These decadent desserts may satisfy a sweet tooth, but they're sure to add numbers to your waistline. Just ask…[More]

Sweet Treats to Avoid to Keep a Beach Body Like Jessica Biel's 1

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Chocolate Tequila Sauces

1 Chocolate Tequila Sauces

Sleek Jersey Packaging

2 Sleek Jersey Packaging

Fruity LEGO Popsicles

3 Fruity LEGO Popsicles

Woven Steak Frites

4 Woven Steak Frites

Legend-Inspired Bottles

5 Legend-Inspired Bottles

Stacked Sorbet Cakes

6 Stacked Sorbet Cakes