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LoL Trends

Quotable Drag Queen Games
Quotable Drag Queen Games
Cards Against Rumanity is Inspired by Rupaul's Drag Race
Cards Against Rumanity is a fun card game that pays tribute to cult tv show Rupaul’s Drag Race. The reality series recently wrapped up it’s 9th season and is currently airing Season 3 of... MORE
AI Art Doppelganger Apps
AI Art Doppelganger Apps
Google Arts & Culture's Latest Update Reads Faces to Find Lookalikes
The latest update to Google Arts & Culture allows users to find their fine art doppelganger using Google facial recognition. The new software uses a selfie, taken by the user, and analyzes it... MORE
Pet-Drying Grooming Accessories
Pet-Drying Grooming Accessories
The 'Puff-N-Fluff' Dog Dryer Gets Canines Dry in Moments
Bathing your dog is usually a hard enough process as is with drying being the part that can sometimes take the longest, so the ‘Puff-N-Fluff’ Dog Dryer is here to offer an alternative to... MORE
Millennial-Inspired Pop Art
Millennial-Inspired Pop Art
Andrew Fairclough's Art is Inspired by a "Tech Dead-Gaze"
In today’s world of infinite information, it is increasingly easy to get lost in a tech-induced spiral and fall into a “tech dead-gaze.” Andrew Fairclough’s most recent... MORE
Humorous User Data Billboards
Humorous User Data Billboards
This Spotify Campaign Was Created to Showcase Creative Playlists
This Spotify campaign was created by transforming user data onto billboards, which were created with the help of agency Wieden + Kennedy New York. Each of the billboards features the name of an... MORE
Emoji Brand Logos
Emoji Brand Logos
These Emoji Logos Were Created by an Instagram User Known as @logoji_
With so many digital symbols available on iOS after Apple’s update, it’s fully possible for the creative behind the Instagram handle @logoji_ to make almost perfect emoji logo... MORE
Sudsy Yoga Classes
Sudsy Yoga Classes
BierYoga Pairs the Philosophies of Craft Beer and Yoga
For those who like yoga, or beer — or both — BierYoga is an ideal way to spend an afternoon. The class, which originated in Berlin and has since spread to cities all around the world, is a... MORE
Personalized Face Flower Pots
Personalized Face Flower Pots
The 'MyFacepot' Flower Plant Pots are Customized with Your Face
The ‘MyFacepot’ flower plant pots are designed to allow users to customize the aesthetic of each pot to feature their face, a loved one’s face or just about any other picture one... MORE
Connected Cube Games
Connected Cube Games
The GoCube is a Smart Reimagining of the Rubik's Cube
The Rubik’s Cube is one of the most popular and famous toys ever created thanks to a classic design that has lasted the test of time with virtually no major changes, and while the GoCube still... MORE
Biodegradable BBQ Grills
Biodegradable BBQ Grills
The 'CasusGrill' is Ready to Grill in Five Minutes and is Eco-Friendly
Not many BBQ grills can boast that they are eco-friendly, but the ‘CasusGrill’ is one of the first to be developed that is biodegradable and conscious when it comes to the design as well... MORE
Cartoon-Themed Mobile Chargers
Cartoon-Themed Mobile Chargers
Nintendo Released a New Licensed USB Pikachu Butt Charger
In previous years, images of the Pukachu butt charger circulated the Internet and gaining fame, and now Nintendo is officially licensing the product along with an official release. The design draws... MORE
Comfy Bread-Shaped Sofas
Comfy Bread-Shaped Sofas
This Fluffy Sofa Bed by CELLUTANE Has an Unconventional Aesthetic
Japanese furniture manufacturer CELLUTANE debuted a fluffy sofa bed with a bizarre design. The product is made with quality and comfort in mind and it draws inspiration from a loaf. Titled ‘... MORE
Gothic Bath Kits
Gothic Bath Kits
Hot Topic Released a Gothic Anti-Valentine's Day Bath Kit
Hot Topic released a new anti-Valentine’s Day bath kit titled the ‘Til Death Do Us Part Bath Collection.’ The brand put a Gothic twist on a classic Valentine’s Day gift with... MORE
play_circle_filled Hilariously Authentic Advertisments
Hilariously Authentic Advertisments
The John Malkovich Ad is an Honest Story from the Actor
Squarespace’s John Malkovich ad shows the importance of authenticity in commercials. The hilarious Super Bowl spot, entitled ‘Calling,’ is already the winner of... MORE
Disconnected Social Media Apps
Disconnected Social Media Apps
'Binky' is an Anti-Social Network That Connects You to No One
The compulsive and mindless nature at which people scroll through their social media feeds acted as the driving force behind the creation of ‘Binky,’ a disconnected social media app made... MORE
Pet Samurai Armor
Pet Samurai Armor
Samurai Age Has Created a Line of Armor for Dogs and Cats
A company in Japan called ‘Samurai Age’ has released a collection of samurai armor for pets. The snap-on armor was initially created to keep dogs and cats warm during the change in... MORE
VR Parenting Apps
VR Parenting Apps
Real Baby-Real Family is a VR App That Tests People's Parenting Skills
Real Baby-Real Family is a virtual reality app that features a crying baby participants must attempt to soothe. The app was designed for expecting parents or people considering having a child of... MORE
play_circle_filled Hot Tub Cinemas
Hot Tub Cinemas
This Unique Cinema Hosts Outdoor Movie Screenings in Hot Tubs
Hot Tub Cinema is a unique cinema based in London that is know for bringing its hot tub film series to select cities across the world. This July, Hot Tub Cinema will be bringing its experience... MORE
play_circle_filled Fried Chicken Romance Novellas
Fried Chicken Romance Novellas
'Tender Wings of Desire' is a Mother's Day Promotion from KFC
This Mother’s Day, KFC is acknowledging what people might not like to consider as far as their mothers are concerned; moms like a little romance just as much as anyone else, so KFC is... MORE
Deceptive Coffee Shop Menus
Deceptive Coffee Shop Menus
Tim Hortons Opened a Fake Cafe Called 'Perfectly Uncomplicated Lattes'
This month, residents of Toronto’s hip Queen West neighborhood began buzzing about a new coffee shop called Perfectly Uncomplicated Lattes. While the minimalist decor and millennial-friendly... MORE
play_circle_filled Coughing Bus Stop Billboards
Coughing Bus Stop Billboards
This Apotek Hjartat Billboard Reacts When Smokers Walk By
A new Apotek Hjartat billboard placed in a popular square in downtown Stockholm gives smokers a subtle message about their habit. Since the Swedish pharmacy brand is invested in keeping people... MORE
Decorative Drone Sweaters
Decorative Drone Sweaters
San Francisco-Based Artist Danielle Baskin Sells Sweaters for Drones
As winter enters full swing, sweaters are essential, and Danielle Baskin’s drone sweaters show that even inanimate objects can use a bit of extra warmth in the winter season. Hailing from San... MORE
Hairy Chest Swimsuits
Hairy Chest Swimsuits
Beloved Shirts Created the Perfect Gag Gift for the Summer
Beloved Shirts, a brand that’s celebrated for its hilarious graphic apparel, recently launched what it calls the ‘Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit.’ As the name of the product might... MORE
play_circle_filled Frightening Movie Promotions
Frightening Movie Promotions
The Rings Movie Marketers Pranked Unsuspecting Strangers
The Rings movie will be released in the month of February and one of its promotions involved scaring unsuspecting people at an electronics store in upstate New York. The promotion was set up in... MORE