The Hangry Website Helps Users Find a Nearby Place to Dine

 - Dec 13, 2016
References: & thenextweb
The Hangry website is a great way to break a tie when it comes to deciding on a place to eat. Everyone is familiar with the dilemma of finding a restaurant for date night when one side is dead set on Korean and the other won't budge from Greek. The Hangry website forces users to put their trust in the hands of a random computer selection, helping people to get food rather than argue.

The term "hangry" refers to the uncharacteristic irritability that people begin to affect when they haven't had a meal in a while. Such hanger can only be harmful to a relationship, so using Hangry to solve restaurant battles is essential.

The site is effectively a random restaurant generator that gives weighting to the nearest places. By clicking "Find a place!" the site will pop up a random restaurant, letting users decide from there.