The 'Colour de Cheetos' Bronzer Powder is the Hue of the Snack Food

As the name of the product denotes, the 'Colour de Cheetos' bronzer powder is a makeup that is the same hue as the very snack food it shares a name with. Available for purchase from the Cheetos Store, the 'Colour de Cheetos' bronzer is a brightly hued orange color that looks almost like Cheetos powder itself. Although seemingly a gag product, the 'Colour de Cheetos' bronzer is the real deal and available for purchase for $11.99.

The officially licensed 'Colour de Cheetos' bronzer powder makeup offers a way to help infuse a bright, vibrant tan onto one's skin without having to rely on the sun for a similar kind of glow. It offers a way to literally wear Cheetos on your skin without having to resort to cracking open a bag of the snack food.