This Ad for the Pilion Trust Urges People to Donate to Charity

 - Apr 16, 2014
References: piliontrust & thedrum
British charity ‘the Pilion Trust’ was despondent at the drastic decrease in charitable donations from the government and the public, and so decided to use shockvertising to highlight the plight of poverty and implore with people to donate money to charity.

In the controversial ad, which doubles as a social experiment, a man walked around the streets of London wearing a billboard bearing the text ‘F*ck the Poor." As you might expect, several passers-by gave the man a telling-off. However, when he flipped his sign to read ‘Help the Poor,' nobody stopped to talk to him or to give him money. This insightful campaign into the mentality of potential charitable donors was promoted through the tagline "We know you care. Please care enough to give."

"We understand that some may be shocked by this footage," says Savvas Panas, chief executive of the Pilion Trust. "We are more offended however, that people across the United Kingdom are living in adverse poverty."