The 'Missing People' Phone Campaign is Clever and Sneaky

 - May 30, 2012
References: & fastcocreate
Pre-movie ads are becoming more interactive and with point-and-play, app-enabled games accessible through your smartphone, the UK-based charity 'Missing People' phone campaign adds another dimension to the experience by requiring you to call in.

The 'Please Turn Your Phone On' campaign is a creative call for awareness and a way to introduce its hotline number. The ad starts with a clearly distraught man entering a phone booth, breaking down as he is unable to call a presumable loved one, a woman, who is waiting back home. Finally, the man calls and is greeted by a "Hello?" The short ad pauses, urging viewers to call a number on the screen to hear the resulting conversation. It is clear the effect a missing person can have on a family.

Using the element of suspense to get people to take action, this campaign cleverly piques interest, providing viewers with both an experience and opportunity to save their number in their phone.