Lemon & Paeroa's Summer Sign Ads Gave Away Flip Flops and Towels

To get people as prepared as possible for summer, soft drink manufacturer Lemon & Paeroa set up a pair of summer sign advertisements, which gave people some of the gear they'd need to hit the beach. One of the ads was made up of flip flops that people could pop off, and the other took the form of a beach towel, instructing people to grab one as they went by.

The campaign was made to help people "Hold on to Summer" and it's a fun way to get people thinking of sun, sand and the beach, even if the weather hasn't warmed up enough yet. Although these fun ads are not specifically promoting Lemon & Paeroa drinks, the chilled beverage brand will probably come to mind when it's actually time to put on a pair of flip flops, grab a towel and go to the beach.