From Sunscreen-Dispensing Signage to Edible Cake Billboards

 - Aug 11, 2015
Product sampling is an effective way for brands to get consumers one step closer to trying a product or service, but now many advertisers are using billboards as a means to dispense everything from drinks to snacks and clothing.

Rather than favoring trucks, pop-up stations or booths that need to be manned by a human, billboards are a way to automate the process of doling out free items. Some of the things that can be acquired from these useful billboards include everything from beer and sunscreen to sweet treats and beach essentials. Although physical products are often the most easy to give away, Fiat developed an interactive Parking Billboard to simulate the experience of the smart parking technology its cars use.

These product-sampling billboards succeed at instantly satisfying consumers who lust after the contents of an advertisement.