This Egg and Spam Musubi Turns the Hawaiian Food Fare Into a Crispy Meal

 - Aug 4, 2016
References: instagram & foodbeast
Musubi is a popular dish in Hawaii that is made using Spam meat topped on a bed of rice and wrapped in seaweed as a form of Spam sushi, and this version takes the dish to new heights by increasing the size, deep frying it and filling it with egg. The twist on the popular dish renders the snack more of a meal and with the aesthetic of a burrito.

Spam being a popular meat product in Hawaii, which is how the food found its way into the Musubi dish. The meal contains a layer of rice topped with a runny egg, layer of Spam and more rice that is then encased in seaweed and fried.

Frying the Musubi actually renders the dish much more solid by encasing it in a layer of breading that keeps the rice, meat and egg in place. This allows the food to be eaten more as a sandwich, then small bite-sized pieces.