The Newest M&M's Ad Mixes Humor With Suggestive Themes

 - Jul 27, 2015
References: adweek
The newest snack commercial by candy brand M&M's pushes boundaries with a suggestive theme that is executed in a humorous way. The ad begins with a husband who arrives home from work early to catch his wife in the act of eating candy in bed.

What seems like an act of indiscretion is actually revealed to be a snack break. The man's wife is caught red-handed with a red M&M, leaving him betrayed and hungry for dessert.

Appealing to millennial audiences, this suggestive snack commercial depicts its message with humor and shocking themes. This candy ad is not the first of its kind for M&M's, a food company that is known for its signature brand of tongue-in-cheek humor and daring marketing strategy.