Ricardo Cavolo Renders Complex Yet Childish Prints

Ricardo Cavolo renders child-like illustrations with spontaneous line work and endearing compositional style. His pieces are close to doodling, yet hold more weight technically. His use of color is alluring and masterful. He deeply saturates each of his works with primary shades and blotchy neutrals. While some works have been digitally manipulated, the majority of his pieces are created with markers and ball point pen. The simplicity of Cavolo's imagination completely transforms into these dynamic works.

The Spanish artist frequently explores the history of the art of tattooing. He combines depictions of vintage tattooing with Day of the Dead iconography to develop intriguing character studies. His fictional portraiture is heavily narrative, drawing on subtle metaphors and pop culture.

Ricardo Cavolo's work has a colossal amount of energy and hints at a dedication to social rebellion.