Nutrigene Creates Vitamin Plans Based on Consumers' DNA

 - Feb 7, 2018
References: techcrunch
Every person on the planet has a unique DNA sequence, and Nutrigene is a vitamin company that's designed to cater to each and every one of those genetic codes. The company offers liquid vitamin supplements developed by analyzing consumers' DNA to discover what each person needs the most.

Though vitamins have the potential to help with general health, that potential is often squandered simply because people don't know which vitamins to take. Further, it can be nearly impossible to learn the correct proportions, since one-size-fits-all vitamin plans are necessarily broad. Nutrigene does the work for consumers, using information from a lifestyle quiz as well as 23andMe data to craft the ideal vitamin cocktail.

Nutrigene has several broad vitamin plans, including essentials, elite performance, and gut health. Each of those is then tailored down for the specific consumer, ensuring a unique match every time.