The ABRAKADABRA Pancake Flour Mixes Highlight Playful Simplicity

Taking a magical approach to the branding of instant food products, the ABRAKADABRA pancake flour mixes put a focus on the quick nature of the breakfast meal by utilizing images traditionally associated with the illusory arts.

The market is steadily growing to incorporate more instant food products, yet brands haven't branched out much in terms of branding to do anything beyond convey in a literal sense how the product will eliminate the need for traditional preparation. The ABRAKADABRA pancake mixes go against this with a branding aesthetic that highlights the magical nature of the product that only needs to be mixed with a few simple ingredients to create a delicious breakfast meal in a quick manner.

The branding for the ABRAKADABRA pancake flour mixes is the design work of the CLINIC 212 creative agency.