44 Tailgating And BBQ Inventions For The World Series

 - Oct 17, 2008
You might think that tailgating is more appropriate for football than baseball, but many MLB fans watching the 2008 World Series would beg to differ. Both games celebrate the American tradition of beer, barbecue and sports, and the inventions below will help you do so in style.

After all, what better way to showcase your support of your team in the World Series than by eating meat branded with the team logo? And portable draught kegs from Heineken make it easy to bring your own brew without lugging around a cube of cans.

The National League's representative in the World Series are the Philadelphia Phillies, who beat the Los Angeles Dodgers to clinch their spot last night. The Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays are still playing in the ALCS, with the series currently in favor for the Rays at 3-1.

You've still got some time before the World Series actually begins, so take a look through the articles in this cluster to stock up on BBQ and tailgating goods.