BBQ Stunt for Burn Victims

 - Sep 29, 2008
References: happiness-brussels
I do not know what is more unusual about this extraordinary publicity stunt: the fact that a man was intentionally set alight to raise awareness for burn victims, or that the stunt took place at the World Barbecue Championships in Belgium.

A pretty impressive looking stunt no doubt. The burning man must have drawn a great deal of attention, and the people behind the stunt (Happiness of Brussels) certainly chose the right event to target people at risk of getting burned (who hasn't torched their eyebrows over a barbecue before?) But someone tell me, what does a barbecue championship consist of? Since when did the humble past-time of dads cooking outdoors turn into a competitive contest? How do you become a barbecue champion? Why is it held in Belgium? Are the Belgians the world champions of barbecuing?

The stunt raised awareness for the Belgian Foundation for Burn Wounds which reported increased donations since the man set himself alight!