The Exhaust Cooked Burger

 - Jan 21, 2008   Updated: Jun 21 2011
References: inventorspot & designboom
A team of Iranian designers came up with this brilliant cooking idea which actually isn't as disgusting as it first looks. Your car's exhaust is used as a barbecue to grill your food!

That still sounds bad, but consider that the fumes don't come into contact with the burger, the exhaust just heats the metal grill.

Still, it's not exactly aesthetic.

Implications - The idea is great for anyone on a road trip and short on cash or needs food in a pinch. The bonus of using your car's exhaust to heat up a metal grill is that it saves energy because you are actually driving as you cool the burger. The team of designers actually thought up the idea for a competition hosted by Designboom called Dining in 2015. Over 400 designers from all around the world took part in this interesting competition.