Taking Shots, From Personalized Bottles to Infused Syrups

 - Jan 23, 2012
Brands are constantly reinventing themselves but it's only lately that there's been such an abundance of whiskey renovations. Whiskey renovations happen for a variety of reasons, the most common being that not enough people are drinking whiskey, so the drink gets a little revamp. Whiskey has three major sub-sectors: scotch, bourbon and rye, all of which are featured in this list.

This year’s most popular whiskey renovations among liquor companies appear to be flavored whiskey. 2011 saw the introduction of honey, apple, maple and even pepper-flavored whiskey. Additionally, brands have also been experimenting with bottles and labels from personalization to eco-friendly varieties. Another addition to whiskey renovations is that of aged whiskey cologne -- personally I think they should sell all mens cologne out of decanters; they already look like large perfume bottles for men.

No matter the remodel, one thing is certain, whiskey will be here forever and all should raise a glass to the lavish liquor.