From Mythical Flatulence Chapsticks to Weight Loss Lip Gloss

 - Nov 21, 2012
Weird lip balms have popped up onto the cosmetics scene, making them a genre of their own. Lip balms started off as a cosmetic to enhance the natural beauty of one's lips as well as to moisturize the most delicate skin on the face. However, this generation is all about taking products to the next level. From odd tasting flavors like dill pickle and unicorn farts to yummy flavors like Vitamin Water-branded balms and pumpkin cheese cake smackers, there is something for everyone.

There are lip smackers to help weight loss, ones to create a sultry dripping affect and give the user a frisky feeling. The weird lip balm world continues to expand as it produces chapsticks on the mass market with mega brands like MAC and American Apparel.