From Bird-Brained Lingerie to Feather Fashion

 - Feb 7, 2010   Updated: May 27 2011
If you've ever wanted to wear feathers, this is the cluster for you. We've brought nearly every type of feathered fashion together here, from feathered bras to feathery eyelashes. If your tastes trend towards the avant-garde, you'll see wedding dresses made of peacock feathers, bird-brained fascinators and even a few pairs of feathered heels.

Implications - From DIY boa fashions to fiercely feather mohawks, the feathered friend is sure to be incorporated in more fashions. Once seen as a status symbol donned by high society, feathers have become the ultimate symbol of freedom in fashion design. From feather-like frocks to bird backpacks, fashion has become the one outlet where being bird-brained isn't a bad thing.

See these and more ways to wear feathers above.