Jean Paul Gaultier Gets Cocky with Hairstyles

 - Jul 28, 2007
References: globeandmail
Those on top of the latest fashion trends may opt to lighten up with a little plumage next season. From hairstyles to accessories to entire dresses and shoe adornments, avian art could score big with the style savvy.

Outrageous feathers aren't rare to see on the runway, but for the first time, the bird look may be making its way into main stream looks according to the Globe and Mail. Whether faux or real, the editors of the style section predict the look will be all the rage.

"In the fashion world, Jean-Paul Gaultier is a rock star," reports Leanne DeLap who points out the designer's fame for bringing cone bras, sailor shirts and corsets into fashion. "His ultimate muse would be a befeathered Billie Holiday," she wrote.

His collection featured over-the-top feathered headgear this season, a trend that could be incorporated into every day life more subtly by way of feathered combs, fluffy shoe adornments or feathery jewelry.

We'll know if this trend really takes off when people will start wearing enormous wings a la Victoria's Secret.