Hot Fall ‘08 Fashions

 - Aug 24, 2008
References: shopbop
Autumn, the time of year inevitably marked by the permutation of leaves and cooler air.  The Fall is also when summer clothes are put to rest and we prepare and openly embrace a change of clothes to mark the occasion.  But, what to wear?  Fringe, feather, faux fur, and folksy looks are expected to be hot this Autumn.

The LaROC Harmony Fringe Dress has a Roaring Twenties appeal. When combined with knee high boots, it makes for a "fantabulous" look.  The entire ensemble says, "I’m ready to have fun, flirt, and dance the night away." 

The Feather Tee by Pencey, drapes the upper arms in softness, dresses up jeans and when worn with Nanette Lapor’s Brazen Boister, a bit of subtle sexiness is added.

The 60’s and 70’s hippie style attire is back, but with a 21st Century twist.  The JMM Embroidered Dress and Frye Page Tall Riding Boots give this a classic, elegant, swanky, and futuristic look.

A faux fur hat and coat are perfect for keeping you warm while strolling around on those crisp and cool Autumn nights.  However, you may not need them as dressing in any of these hot fashions will surely have the fellas stumbling all over themselves to keep you warm.