From Boys With Bangs to Meme Musicals

 - Jan 29, 2010   Updated: Jul 25 2011
The fringiest things Trend Hunter has to offer are featured among these 34 Fringe Finds. How fringe can we go, you ask? Ohh, we can get fringe.

Books on fringed art and mink eyelashes dot the landscape of these 34 Fringe Finds. If you love to live within the rules like a good little conformist, then this just isn't your scene square. Beat it.

Implications - This collection of 34 fringe finds will make anyone feel hip. This phenomenal collection that we put together for you goes off in to so many directions that you certainly be inspired by the diversity at play. If you are ready and think you can handle what awaits for you on the fringe go ahead and have a look.