- Jan 19, 2011   Updated: Aug 11 2011
Janis Joplin embodied the bohemian fashion of the 60s with her bell-bottoms, velvet and fringe. January 19 marks the singer's birthday, and the female trendsetter would have been 68 on this date.

The legendary Janis Joplin's laid-back attire has seen a revived appeal on both the runway and in our closets. Whether it's hair-braided lookbooks or peace sign jewelry, these retro styles bring back that casual look while still staying modern and chic.

Implications - Fashion has taken many different turns in the past decade of so, but lately consumers have been looking back for inspirations. Fashion editorials are looking to impost modern twists on retro styles to recapture the beauty of such past styles. Companies can profit by using this retro aesthetic so that they can get a larger viewership.

A Look at Retro-Revived Style to Honor Janis Joplin: