From Appetizers to Desserts, Have a Vegetarian Thanksgiving

 - Nov 21, 2012
With a meat-focused holiday fast approaching, it can be a hard venture to find vegetarian Thanksgiving recipe ideas. However, all the vegetarians this Thanksgiving season can rejoice with these meat-less ideas.

Looking to entice family members with a cocktail as they walk in the door? Hand them a Sweet Pie-Inspired Cocktail or Tofu Meat Beer. As for appetizers, guests will love to munch on some Jack-O-Lantern Veggie Dishes or some Fruit-Filled Veggie Sandwiches. The main course can consist of Festive Squash Hamburgers and DIY Legume Bites. Finish off the main course with a delectable dessert of Gelatinous Veggie Desserts or Holiday Bird Desserts. Creating an all-vegetarian Thanksgiving meal is simple with these recipes.