Enjoy the World's Largest Hard-Boiled Egg on World Egg Day

 - Oct 8, 2012
References: metro
Egg lovers will be happy to know that for Britain's Egg Week, which starts the week before October 12th's World Egg Day -- yes, it's a real thing -- a massive ostrich egg can be boiled or cooked in any way at the The Lyttelton in London.

Some tasty specials Chef Flyde is offering to celebrate Egg Week include turkey, great for a Thanksgiving treat, and caviar flavors among others. For those who don't mind the wait, the largest egg ever in Britain will take about 45 minutes to cook thoroughly. Otherwise, poached and fried options are available as well. Be prepared though because one ostrich egg is almost the equivalent of a dozen regular ones, so make sure you've fasted the night before or you bring some hungry pals along.