From Healthy Brunch Nachos to Savory Omelet Scones

 - Mar 13, 2015
These egg-infused breakfast recipes range from healthy brunch nachos to savory omelet scones that will appeal to fans of a protein-rich morning meal. When looking to start the day off right, a classic egg breakfast is always a good idea. While an egg and bacon pairing may not be the ideal choice for every day, these healthy, indulgent and unexpected recipes put a fresh twist on an iconic breakfast staple.

Standouts from this list include Very Culinary's Toasted Brioche Egg Cups meal along with Chow's Chorizo Y Papas Breakfast Tacos recipe. While Very Culinary's mini meal is herb-infused and perfect for on-the-go enjoyment, Chow's unexpected recipe puts a Mexican twist on classic homefries, a breakfast staple of small town diners and mom and pop establishments.

The recipe marries hand-cut fries, spiced sausage and a sunny-side-up egg atop a roasted tortilla bun and will appeal to fans of protein-filled meals with a hint of spice. Other favorites from this list include egg scones that are made savory rather than sweet and cheesy bacon waffles that are accented with a signature fried egg ingredient.