From Putrid Undead Perfumes to Mexican Food-Inspired Scents

 - Oct 1, 2013
This collection of unusual fragrances examines different perfumes that follow unexpected themes or smell of something strange. A fascination with strange scents begs the question, why would someone want to smell like that? Whether a person is spraying the fragrance on themselves or spritzing the air to create a mood or improve the ambiance, these perfumes are definitely puzzling.

Several scents are inspired by food, such as breakfast food, Mexican food, pizza, meat, barbecues, whisky and other hard alcoholic beverages. Others focus on a scent found in life, like a new car smell, airports, leather and different types of weather. Some of these unusual fragrances are also functional, working as insect repellent and attracting men. Interesting perfume themes include superheroes, science fiction, fantasy novels, computers, deceased actors and literary icons. Then there are options incapable of being categorized, such as poopy perfumes and scents marketed to babies.