The Comme Des Garcons '888' Cologne is Mineral-Themed

The recently released Comme Des Garçons '888' cologne line has delivered a brand new take on the seldom referenced scent of one of the world's most precious elements: gold.

Although commonly known for being devoid of any particular smell, the precious metal has been interpreted by the fashion house, which proves once again that the CDG label is an enterprising one.

The 888 collection is a mixture of multiple essences. Particularly inclined towards all things spice-related, the bottle withholds notes of tumeric, coriander and especially saffron, otherwise known as 'the golden spice.' The 888 cologne concoction also features hints of pepperwood, providing for a long-lasting aroma. By merging several of these pure ingredients altogether, the CDG team has stayed true to the natural status of gold.