The Custom Perfumes by Kalain Preserve the Scents of a Loved One

 - May 6, 2015
References: youtube & ctvnews
French company Kalain has a unique business that's based around preserving scents of loved ones who have passed. Since there are certain smells that people grow to associate with meaningful family members and friends, rather than having them gone forever once someone has passed, Kalain aims to make them easier to revisit for comfort.

In order to reproduce the scents left behind by another human Katia Apalategui of Kalain consulted with experts at Havre university. The process involves extracting odor from a person's clothing and reconstructing the molecules over the span of about four days.

Since smell and memory are so closely linked, Kalain has plans to sell these custom commemorative vials through funeral homes. Although Apalategui's mourning mother inspired the creation of these perfumes, not all of the potential applications are as morbid. Apalategui also imagines that these bottled scents could be used as gifts for couples on Valentine's day, as well as soothing aids for kids who are temporarily separated from their parents.