These Bath and Body Works Products are Bought Based on Personality

 - Aug 18, 2013
References: fragrance.bathandbodyworks
A line of Bath and Body Works products, consisting of the company's favorite fragrances, has been divided into sections based on personality traits, making it easy and fun for women to find their perfect fragrances.

Four different personality types are available: sensual, cuddly, fun and romantic. Within these personality types are three or four different fragrances. Women take a short quiz, and are immediately paired with these fragrances, helping them to narrow down their choices, as well as find a fragrance that brings out their best traits.

For example, if a woman were to receive "cuddly" as her dominant personality trait, she would choose from scents like Twilight Wood, Cashmere Glow, Moonlight Path and Warm Vanilla Sugar. Each of these scents is warm and soft, channeling a maternal personality that suits the "cuddly" woman.

With this new system, Bath and Body Works has managed to personalize its customers' entire shopping experience, providing them with a memorable and intimate relationship with the company and its products.