From Mad Hatter Menswear to Gentlemenly Headwear

 - Aug 26, 2012
These topsy turvy tophats are all the rage in the revamp of the classic style. As tophats have made their way back onto the runway and into the hearts of stylists everywhere, the vintage looks is suddenly and inexplicably back.

With some interesting remakes that include lingerie inspiration, hipster inspiration and patterned inspiration, the redo of the retro look has taken an entirely new twist.

Aside from the hipsters, celebrity fashion icons such as Michelle Williams and Robert Downey Jr. have been seen rocking the unisex style that has swept the fashion world. With the revamp to the style, it is now seen as a chic polish to an outfit, rather than a formalized must as it once was long ago. The tophat seems to have made a huge comeback and is here to stay.