The Cats as Fonts Collection is a Feline-Packed Trip Through Writing Styles

 - Feb 16, 2012
References: buzzfeed
If being adorable was a legal currency, the kitties in the Cats as Fonts series would all be billionaires. This series of cat memes features cats as if they were different styles of fonts.

Nothing makes you say "awwwww" like a little kitty representing Helvetica font with a hipster hat and glasses. Even more hilarious is the Mesquite STD font cat who is dressed in an old fashioned hat and bow tie. This cuddly little guy is ready to use his petite paws to set the mood for a pub in 1920. The Cats as Fonts collection also includes some greedy looking felines such as the Bank Gothic Kitten who is rolling around in money and the Baskerville Cat complete with a top hat and monocle.

Cats clearly continue to be cuddly and viral, as seen with the Cats as Fonts collection, especially when they have mustaches and hats!