The ‘im-pressed’ Stationery Cards are Exquisitely Divine

 - Jun 26, 2012
References: im-pressed-letterpress
The ‘im-pressed’ stationery cards are perfect for men who want their mail to boast not only a penned signature, but also a signature look.

Email and text are society's primary modes of communication right now, excluding conversing in person, but these stylish card designs encourage men to send their lovely ladies a letter or two—they will definitely make an impression. With rustic print adorning the top corner of each card, some of the designs available for picking are vintage armchairs, simple umbrellas, stylish top hats or cute collars. Each are accompanied by a matching envelope that is equally as stunning.

These letterheads speak volumes about a man’s character. Instantly giving an air of old-school prestige, they are a must-have for any proper gentleman.