Arlo Weiner Shows Off His ‘Mad Men' Fashion Sense for GQ

 - Mar 12, 2009
Most 8-year-olds don’t warrant a piece in GQ based on their unique wardrobe, but because Arlo Weiner’s dad, Matt Weiner, is the creator of ‘Mad Men,’ little Arlo is an exception.

There’s something oddly awesome about an 8-year-old with a collection of ascots and a thing for mixing patterns. "Part Oliver Twist, part Royal Tenenbaums" is a pretty fair summation of young Arlo’s wardrobe.

His distinct taste and comprehension of what actually makes an outfit work is precisely what makes his style unique, whereas on any other third grader, it would just be a puzzling, precocious mishmash of clothing. Arlo is eagerly awaiting the addition of a sewing machine to the household, so that he may start designing his own clothes. I, for one, would like to see more kids in top hats, so I hope he’s set his sights on a runway show in the next few years.