- Oct 8, 2013
These decadent Thanksgiving-inspired foods are sure to have you and your guests foaming at the mouth. Thanksgiving is an important time as it brings your family and friends together to be appreciative and thankful for what you have. What better way is there to bring people together than serving up one of the best meals of all time.

The recipes cover everything from drinks, to appetizers and mouth-watering desserts. Some of the main foods that are eaten during Thanksgiving are turkey, pies and pumpkin of course. These Thanksgiving-inspired meals use these ingredients and foods in different ways so that you can spice up the holiday season with something a little different on the dinner table.

Try making a supper sandwich or a savory burger pie for a main course rather than a dessert. Your guests will be impressed by your creativity and the fact that you took a few risks during such a traditional holiday.

These Festive Foods Will Have Your Guests Coming Back for More: