The Turkey Food Art Plate is a Fresh Dish for Festive Dinners

 - Dec 4, 2012
References: instructables & instructables
You might not have imagined that it is possible to style your vegetables on a platter in the form of healthy turkey food art.

All the colorful veggies that you find on a vegetable plate can easily be arranged into the form of a crunchy bird with hummus as the body. The hardest part of the entire dish is whipping up the dip, which is practically a cinch. Diced cooked yams, chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice and spices are blended together in a food processor until they become a puree. Then your vegetables are placed on the serving platter, starting from the outside with the green beans and working your way in, layering on your finger foods.

When you present your turkey food art at the table, your guests will question whether they should eat it or not.