From Point-Awarding Browsers to Digital Loyalty Points

 - Oct 30, 2013
With more information and products available online, companies are turning to incorporate tech loyalty programs in their brand to maintain their consumer market.

Providing people with rewards that they can access directly on their smartphones is a great way to develop brand loyalty due to its convenience. Tagtile is a device that rewards loyal customers with coupons and discounts. When this gadget is scanned it connects to a customer's phone which gives them points they can use to redeem rewards.

With a younger generation heavily connected to social media, companies are turning to reaching this market online. SnapMyAd is a great way for brands to directly connect to consumers, creating a more intimate relationship regardless of it being online. With a partnership with Instagram people just have to take a picture of themselves with a product, post it, and they are eligible for rewards from the company.