From Air-Cleaning Algae Towers to Hovering Ecotopias

 - Jul 16, 2010   Updated: Apr 3 2011
There’s something about skyscrapers, even though they’re man-made, that grounds us. The designs of a city center’s monstrous towers aren’t simply vertical rectangles; architects are becoming more and more creative with their skyscraping designs. From air-cleaning algae towers to hovering ecotopias, these are some serious skyscrapers.

Implications - The skyscraper is a symbol of metropolitan living and lavish city life. The reason why these immense structures have transcended the realm of simple buildings and into modern-day symbols is because of the glamorization of the fast-paced urban life. Today's youth leaves their parents' home earlier than ever before, usually to live in the city, which is something companies and capitalize on by offering something to enhance the lifestyle.